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* Crops Produced


* Wheat
We have grown a wide range of wheat crops for seed, starting with soft white spring wheat in 1981. Most of the production since 1995 has been hard red spring wheat varieties, with some extra strong spring wheat in a few years. Recently, we have added some hard red winter wheat seed varieties.
* Durum
Most years we grow at least 1 variety of durum.
* Barley
We grow a small amount of barley to supply some local customers with their seed requirements.


* Hybrid Canola
Hybrid canola seed production is a large part of our business. We started with AC H102 in 1994 and now produce seed for a number of seed companies.


* Dry edible beans
In 1994, we were granted the seed production and marketing rights for CDC Expresso, a new black bean variety developed for the Canadian prairies. This is an upright bush type of bean that lends itself to solid seeding, rather than row crop, production. Since that time, we have also produced CDC Pintium pinto bean with similar production practices. As well, row crop varieties such as AC Pintoba (pinto) and CDC Polar Bear (great northern) seed have been grown on our farm.
* Peas
Production of peas for seed started in 1981 with contracts for vining peas (garden type peas). The last few years we have concentrated on some yellow pea varieties and are experimenting with a green seeded variety.
* Chickpeas
Kabuli chickpeas are an interesting crop with some unusual management requirements when grown under irrigation. The crop can be very successful in most years.

We are currently producing a small quantity of native grass seed for a major seed company.


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