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We are proud to partner with...

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We are a shareholder of SeedNet, a company dedicated to creating a strong awareness of the independent, family-owned seed supply chain expertise that exists in your community.


We grow and distribute seed for Verve Seeds, a company focused on developing industrial hemp genetics for grain production.

Alliance Seed.png

We grow and distribute seed for Alliance Seed, a pedigree seed company that strives to offer strong genetics, differentiated products, and new varieties in the cereal grain sector value chain.

Canterra Seeds 2.png

We are a shareholder of Canterra Seeds, a western Canadian seed company that offers a diverse portfolio of top-quality seed, cultivated with local investments in plant breeding and strategic global partnerships.


We are members Secan, Canada's largest supplier of certified seed. As a SeCan member company, we grow and distribute dominant varieties of wheat and durum.

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We grow and distribute seed for Seed Depot, a Manitoba seed company dedicated to the introduction and distribution of seed varieties that are best-suited to the needs of farmers and their customers.

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We grow and distribute International Hemp varieties. International Hemp is a genetics and ag tech company that develops hemp varieties for food and fibre.

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