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Hard Red Spring Wheat

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AAC Leroy is a new VB (Varietal Blend) CWRS. It has outstanding yield potential with strong straw, an MR rating for FHB, and midge tolerance.

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AAC Brandon

AAC Brandon has been the #1 selling wheat variety in Canada each year since 2016.


Short, strong straw with very good lodging resistance, good FHB rating, high test weight, and very good yields.


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Bolles is very short and has very strong straw so it is ideally suited for high fertility irrigated fields. Yields on our farm have been very high, with high protein. Disease resistance was similar to Elie and Brandon in our field.

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This is the first variety developed by the University of Alberta that we have ever grown. It is taller than Brandon, but still stood well under irrigation with a PGR. Yield, protein and fusarium resistance are all good. Only a limited quantity available this spring. Good potential for both irrigation and dryland, especially for someone looking for extra straw.

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